JS Media 1 was founded in November 2002 by John Westbrook & Sandy Ross. John aka Dr.John was a professional broadcaster for over 10 years and now is the founder and president of Uwharrie Community Services Development Network a Federal 501c(3) nonprofit and CEO of JS Media 1 a multimedia videography and photography company. John graduated in 1982 from the Connecticut School of broadcasting and worked as a radio announcer for WAIR Winston-Salem, WPEG Power 98 Charlottle, WQMG Greensboro,North Carolina as well as Music Director at WQOK K-97.5 in Raleigh North Carolina. John is also a 1998 graduate of Central Piedmont Community College with a AAS in Culinary Technology. JS Media 1 produces documentaries, promotional videos, funeral videos, wedding photography and videography.

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